Base Course Instillation

Starting the Construction Process


Due to the similarity to traditional concrete masonry, autoclaved aerated concrete units (block) can be easily installed by our qualified and experienced stone masons. Panels are heavier due to their size and require the use of a crane for placement. 

During the base course instillation, one course is laid and leveled. Blocks are stacked together with a thin-bed mortar in a running bond with a minimum of 6-inch overlap.  For first inspection, one wall is laid to 4-foot tall as pictured above. 

Typical vertical reinforcement core holes are drilled for openings and in any interior or exterior corner of a building/structure. Steel rebar is then placed and the holes are filled with grout. A bandsaw or handsaw is used to create openings and odd angles in the building structure. Once inspection has passed, the course is grouted and bond beams are placed at the top of the wall and can be used for heavy-duty fixture attachment.

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