Stucco can be used as an exterior finish on any AAC project.

Interior/Exterior Finishes

How can I finish the interior and exterior of my AAC home?

One of the final steps in the AAC building process is choosing one of many finishes. Stucco or stone for exterior is highly recommended for not only look but longevity of the block. Pictured above is a job completed by Northwest AAC, showcasing stucco as the finishing exterior application. Stucco it will not shrink, rot, or have need for costly maintenance as a normal wood finish would. Traditional wood or other siding can be used as well, but to reap the full benefits of the aerated autoclaved material, we highly recommend stone or stucco for exterior finish. 

 Interior finishes are used to enhance the aesthetics and durability of AAC. They should be compatible with the underlying AAC in terms of thermal expansion and modulus of elasticity, and should be vapor permeable.  Some examples of interior finishes are plaster, gypsum board, acrylic based coatings, and/or tile. 

Stucco and beyond

Take a look at our projects page for the latest inspiration behind interior and exterior finishing options.

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