Electrical and plumbing instillation

Routing the lines for plumbing and electrical

 Electrical lines are easily installed by using a plunge router to run lines to desired areas of the structure.  Electrical and plumbing installations in AAC masonry are placed in routed chases. Care should be taken when laying out chases to ensure that the structural integrity of the AAC elements is maintained. Do not cut reinforcing steel or reduce the structural thickness of the AAC elements except where permitted by the designer. In vertically spanning AAC elements, horizontal routing should be permitted only in areas with low flexural and compressive stresses. In horizontally spanning AAC elements, vertical routing should be minimized. When possible, it may be advantageous to provide designated chases for large quantities of conduit or plumbing. 

After the lines are placed, the wiring is patched, textured, and than painted leaving only switches and outlets exposed. Having such a high melting point reduces chance for electrical fires, making AAC extremely beneficial in lowering homeowners insurance and insures piece of mind for building owners.   

Interior Finishes

Routed plumbing and electrical are easily hidden by texture and paint.

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